• Do you need to relax after a hard day at work?
  • Do you wish to organize a Team-Building sporting event?
  • Are you a hunting fan and you want to practice in extra-season so you can be in your best shape?
  • Do you want performance? Do you have the soul of a champion?

We offer you the possibility to be selected, we can guide you and offer you the training conditions of a professional athlete and we will repay you for your efforts.

After a day spent with us you will want to become a member of our club. Lamit Sports is a non-profit, independent sports club designed as the Sports Department for Lamit Company, which is also the main sponsor of the club. 

The club is founded by former athletes and works with some of the best staff in the country, former champions but also with young and talented instructors. The club’s purpose is:

- to develop and educate young people intelectually, psychologically, moraly and physicaly through sport;
- to promote a better social integration for citizens, through sport activities;
- to organize and administrate sport activities and competitions and to promote one or more sport disciplines to be practiced by our members.

Besides other sports activities that we  develop, Lamit Sports specializes in the well acclaimed sport, Clay Pigeon Shooting. This is a relaxing sport which takes place outdoors whitout compomising the elegance and the psychological balance which characterizes the participants. Socializing with other participants or high quality teammates is one of the main attractions for this sport. Let us not forget that Clay Pigeon Shooting is one of the few sports which can gather the experience of elders and the skills and enthusiasm of children or teenagers. This offers everyone the chance to spend some special moments, that quality time that we all want.

You don’t need a license for shooting, a weapon or any kind of knowledge in the field. If you want to try the emotions of using a real weapon, you are invited to the shooting range where you can find the best services and conditions.

Our members will benefit from a modern sporting facility where they are to be assisted by a personnel qualified in using fire weapons and they will recieve protective equipment.