Redirect 20%

Only for foreign residents who conduct businesses in Romania.

Redirect 20% of your company’s income tax to Lamit Sports Club in order to support young athletes.
Donated amounts are directly deducted from the income tax if the following conditions are all accomplished:

  • are up to 0.3% of the turnover;
  • don’t exceed more than 20% of the corporation tax.

After downloading THE SPONSORSHIP CONTRACT, fill it in with your company data and the amount of sponsorship and send it to our e-mail adress:
Although it is a non-deductible expense, sponsorship does not apply the 16% tax.
Sponsorship is fully tax deductible if it respects the limits imposed by the Tax Code (less than 3‰ of the turnover and 20% of the corporation tax)
Based on the Law, according the Tax Code, Title 2, Ch. II, Article 21 (4), letter p) it is stated:
Taxpayers who perform ​​sponsorship and / or acts of patronage, according to Law no.32/1994 regarding sponsorship, as amended, and Libraries law no. 334/2002, republished, with subsequent amendments, and also those who grant private scholarships, according to law, deduct from the due corporate tax the amounts related if the total of these costs accomplish the following conditions:

    • is up to 0.3% of the turnover;
    • doesn’t exceed more than 20% of the corporation tax.

Thank you for your support and for the given donation!