Lamit Sports were present next to Anonymous Motorsport at Bucharest
Wheels Arena with the support of Lamit Company, main sponsor at the event

Lamit Cup 2012 organized by Lamit Sports between May 18 and 20 on
the Negoesti and Pitesti shooting ranges

Lamit Sports presents the well acclaimed sport, Clay Pigeon Shooting.
Trap, Skeet and Sporting disciplines.

Lamit Sports Club organized an Easy Level Sporting event.

After the Sporting event organized by Lamit Sports, the premium
members had some more fun at the shooting range. The after-party
was organized at the shooting range’s traditional restaurant with
good food and fine drinks.

Lamit Sports Old Boys practicing Trap Shooting.

Training for the National Clay Shooting Championship.

Clay Shooting Contest – Juniors – Trap

Trap Shooting Training