Sponsor / Partner

  • receives invitations to all sport competitions and hunting events which are organized by the Club;
  • will be promoted with the Lamit Sports Club in the Sponsor or Partner cathegory in all advertising campaigns conducted by the Club;
  • during the time of an event, the Sponsor will be publicized on one or more permanent panels installed in places where the competitions take place and in this case the promotion is done in an agreed manner;
  • have the option to offer to participants various awards in competitions which are organized by the Club;
  • permanently benefit from the PR department, Marketing and events Management, also having the possibility to request the managing of various events under its own brand with custom advertising, which is designed by the Club team according to its competitive schedule;
  • on request receive permanent training by certified Club instructors;
  • all the advantages of the internal and external Club actions are offered in a free manner to a representative designated by the Sponsor or Partner. If another Sponsor/Partner representative wants to participate, he will have to pay 50% of the services that he will benefit from;
  • the first representative receives 3000 plates and 3000 cartridges per competitive year (calendar) from the collaboration date.
Sponsor markings
The following images present the possible sponsor markings for international competitions.
For local/national competitions the markings can be personalized with more possibilities.