Inside the sport bases or other locations where Lamit Sports Club (exclusive owner of Lamit Sports brand) operates permanently or occasionally, it is required to respect the safety rules and regulations. They are compliant with the standards of ISSF and FRTS and they should be read before you can benefit from the club’s services.


1. The access in the shooting ranges is made only through special arranged places;

2. The access of the guests in the shooting range will be made only with an instructor designated by the shooting range’s staff;

3. The persons who attend the shooting session will be accompanied in the shooting range by the instructor at the line of shooting;

4. The instructor coordinates all the activity in the shooting session and the shooter is obligated to fully respect his orders;

5. The shootings are made only in the presence and under the supervision of the instructor;

6. Always assume that every weapon is loaded and protect yourself and others;

7. The shooter must ensure that the barrel is free and clean before use;

8. It is compulsory to secure all the weapons in order to prevent unauthorized use;

9. It is necessary to know the characteristics of the weapons that you use;

10. In case that you offer the weapon you use to another shooter, the gun will be unloaded, the “chamber’s cartridge” opened and the barrel pointed down;

11. If you bring you own weapon to the shooting range, it must be legally purchased and registered in your weapon license (for your hunting guns, pump guns, rifles or hand guns, pistol);

12. When transporting a weapon from the storage place to the shooting place or in any other place outside it, the gun will not be loaded and it will have the “chamber’s cartridge” opened and the barrel pointed down without keeping your finger on the trigger;

13. The weapon loading is made only on the shooting line with the barrel towards the target;

14. After the orders “Cease fire”/”Unload” and also when leaving the shooting stand, the shooter must ensure that there is no cartridge in the “cartridge’s chamber” meaning on the gun’s barrel. This also must be ascertain by the trainer/instructor during trainings or by the referee during competitions. After this the weapon must be put in the weapons rack or in the hoister;

15. “Warming up” shootings are made only in special designed places which are intended for this purpose. When a shooting incident happens (“misfire” or malfunction of weapon operation) you will request help from the official head of shooting without turning the gun, keeping the direction on the shooting field (without touching with the finger the gun’s trigger);

16. Persons who perform activities within the shooting ranges should wear proper protective equipment (those who shoot – vest, headset, goggles; those who assist or are near the shooting places – headset or ear plugs);

17. The club members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and the members must ensure that they follow all the safety rules of the Lamit Sports Club;

18. The members have the right to notify the instructors from the shooting ranges for any violation of the rules committed by a visitor so that the proper measures can be taken;

19. In the shooting range are mainly allowed only weapons specifically which are specifically designed for this sport: “hunting rifle, shotgun , Skeet gun, size 12 and less than 12 (with maximum 70 mm. cartridge length ammunition, with spherical leads of O=2,5 mm). Using other types of weapons requires special permission from the sporting club management as well as from local police or related authorities.


1. The access in the shooting range for persons under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic substances or any other illegal substances;

2. The use of the shooting range by persons who are in an advanced state of fatigue;

3. The access in the shooting range with dogs and other pets;

4. Shooting in the protection panels, walls, sockets, switches or any other objects or animals beside the plates specifically designed for clay pigeon shooting;

5. Simulations of “sighting” or pointing the weapons at other people or yourself, even if the gun is unloaded or disassembled;

6. Shooting when the maintenance personnel are on the field of fire (at the targets).


It is forbidden to use the image or name of Lamit Sports Club or its brand “Lamit Sports” for personal gain without the prior approval from the management of Lamit Sports Club.

Members are not allowed to use the shooting range in commercial purposes. In this sense they cannot ask other people for money for any type of services without the approval of LSC.
It is forbidden to distribute/display brochures and other promotional materials in the shooting range or ancillary areas except the sponsors agreed by the Lamit Sports Club management.

The persons who do not respect the safety rules and regulations will receive a verbal or a written warning and if they don’t comply with the rules imposed in shooting range and its annexes, those persons will be evacuated also with a possible denial of further access at other Lamit Sports Club events or in its sport bases.